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Welcome to artPATH

Farshad Alamdari’s fine art website

My portrait and still-life paintings are inspired by a lifetime of artistic observation and a relentless commitment to discovering new creative possibilities.


The paintings in the 'Transcendance' series explore and celebrate the power of creative endeavor to liberate the human spirit, lifting us beyond physical limitations and conventional boundaries to a higher level of consciousness and self-realization.

Gallery WoP
Women of Persia

The paintings in the 'Women of Persia' convey the often hidden yet subtly evident strength, resilience and progress embodied by Iranian women throughout Persian history.

Gallery SL
Still life

Still-life paintings features simple but timeless objects with unique combination of texture and contrasts of light and color, surrounded by negative spaces.

About me

I'm a Persian native and a lifelong observer of profound, beautiful subtleties. This penchant drew me to both architecture and painting.


I developed an interest in painting very early in life. I taught myself to drew and paint, reproducing works of Iranian, Dutch, English, and American masters.

As a young man, I relocated to England to further my education, where I earned a Ph.D. in Architecture and the Built Environment to pursue my professional aspirations. Even as I cultivated a rich and fulfilling professional career, my creative orientation and passion for painting remained strong.

Following my relocation to Seattle, I refocused my attention on artistic pursuits and now devote myself to painting full-time. For me, painting is an inspiring adventure that requires constant exploration, and demands both professional and personal growth.

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